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“Congratulations on another very successful IBF 19th Annual Venture Capital Conference. It continues to be a great pleasure in working with IBF, and I hope to have contributed in some small way to the success of your conference. It was a particular privilege this year to have helped in honoring Irwin Federman. He is a wonderful executive, investor and human being, and our industry needs more people like him.”

Gary J. Morgenthaler
General Partner
Morgenthaler Ventures

“I wanted to thank you again for organizing such a great event this week. The IBF Venture Capital Investing Conference gets better and better each year, and the quality of attendees is absolutely stellar. I felt that our investor panel session was well organized, and I especially benefited from the "pre-presentation process" that you spearheaded. I think the combination of slides and Q&A during the panel worked well, and I hope you receive positive feedback from your attendees on this.
I just want to reiterate that I found tremendous value in participating on the investor panel again this year, and I hope we can continue the tradition – I'd very much like to participate again next year if you'll have me.”

Matthew Howard
General Partner
Norwest Venture Partners (NVP)

“Timely, valuable perspectives shared between GPs and LPs in a format that encourages networking and frank discussion of our industry's issues.”

Steven Hnatiuk
General Partner
Yaletown Venture Partners

“The “thanks” goes to IBF. You did a fantastic job! ”

Howard Hartenbaum
General Partner
August Capital

“You’ve put together another outstanding conference!!! ”

Ira Ehrenpreis
General Partner
Technology Partners

“Just a quick note of thanks for your efforts on my, and more importantly Moss Adams', behalf yesterday at the VCI Conference. Certainly things were organized in a way that allowed the panel to focus on what we needed to. I thought the discussion went very well and I couldn't have asked for a better speaking engagement overall. Thanks again.”

William Beeson
Practice Leader, Southern California Valuation Services Group
Moss Adams LLP

“Thanks for inviting me to speak on the panel. I hope it was well received. You put a great program together with quality GP's and LP's. Let me know if I can ever of help in any way. I look forward to hosting you in New Jersey one of these days.”

Alex Bangash
Managing Director
Rumson Group and Rumson Intellectual Capital

“Was a good event and SCM enjoyed the opportunity to be a sponsor and to be represented on the panel.”

Marcel Kaufmann
Vice President
SCM Strategic Capital Management AG

“I have always thought the IBF conference was a great gathering and I enjoy them very much!”

Jefferson Stone
Associate Director, Private Equity Investments
Hewlett Foundation

“IBF always does a great job and we always enjoy being a part of the event.”

George Hoyem
Managing Director
Blueprint Ventures LLC

“This is the only VC-related conference anywhere in the world, where I spend more time listening to the panels than on networking, because there is a lot of wisdom being shared by the Silicon Valley veterans.”

Adj.Prof. Dr. Martin Haemmig
Researcher, Lecturer and Senior Advisor
CeTIM & Stanford University

“Thank you for the fine conference IBF put on in San Francisco, and for including me on Craig Dauchy's panel on which limited partners were able to share their views on the venture industry. I enjoyed the conference, and I hope my participation helped you accomplish your goals and objectives for the conference.”

Gregory V. Stento
Managing Director
HarbourVest Partners, LLC

“I enjoyed participating and found the event to be very beneficial. Thanks for organizing another great event.”

David Spreng
Founder and Managing General Partner
Crescendo Ventures

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