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On November 11-12, 2009, Mid-America Healthcare Investor’s Network (MHIN), The Wisconsin Technology Council and International Business Forum are partnering to present the 7th Annual MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum at Monona Terrace Madison, WI.  This year’s forum is targeted to investment firms interested in funding privately held companies from start-up to later-stage focusing in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and industrial biotech.

The following firms are involved in the selection process for the company showcase at the 7th Annual MidAmerica Healthcare Venture Forum. They are also representative of the quality of venture firms that will be in attendance at this two-day event:

  • Arboretum Ventures
  • Baird Venture Partners
  • CID Capital
  • Prairie Gold Ventures
  • Prolog Ventures
  • RiverVest Venture Partners
  • Thomas McNerney Partners
  • Triathlon Medical Ventures
  • Venture Investors

We encourage your company to consider presenting at this forum.  Companies applying to present should not pay the presentation fee until notified of acceptance.  Once accepted, there is one time presentation fee of $1,000.  This fee includes: one registration pass, a presentation slot, and a company profile in the conference workbook.  Should additional colleagues from your company want to attend the forum, there is a discounted registration fee of $695.  Selected companies are responsible for any additional expenses incurred to attend the forum in addition to the special package and additional registrations (ie: hotel/flight).

To qualify and submit an application, the company must meet the following criteria:
  • MidAmerica based company with a product or service in either biotech, pharma, medical devices, or industrial biotech.
  • Company is currently or will be seeking a round of financing within 6 months of the conference.

The following must be identified in a 2-page executive summary:

  • Market Opportunity
  • Partnerships
  • Business Platform
  • Competitive Advantages
  • Intellectual Property
  • Exit Strategies
  • Quality and experience of senior management


Apply for presenting company showcase


If you believe your company meets the criteria you may fill out the application.  It is important to be as thorough and complete as possible when filling out the form.  Please enter your details in alpha and numeric characters only. Mandatory Fields indicates mandatory information.

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NOTE: Once you have submitted the online application form, in order to be considered to present you MUST email/fax a 2-page executive summary no later than September 18th, 2009

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